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Binary Option Trading for Beginners

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Frequently asked questions

What is Real-Time true data?

We’re using 100% accurate price points reported by official trading venues such as a stock exchange. In comparison, many financial app developers fake the price points to trick you into thinking that you can win all the time.

Why only 10 Trading Assets?

The key to success is spotting a price movement trend and following it. We've chosen 10 trading assets, that most investors use daily, making the trends more obvious and easier for you to profit from.

How trading without expiry time works?

When you're trading without an expiry time (infinite trading), your potential profit is unlimited. Best of all, you cannot lose more than you invested in the particular trade.

How safe are Binary Options?

As any other investment, Binary Options involve risk. More knowledge and experience equals higher chance of winning. In Go Binary App you'll practice with virtual money to master trading skills without losing a cent.